Alexander (killaaxle) wrote,

something positive

smile for me, even if it's a lie... i'm trying to decide where to go from here. i thought i had taken a step forward, but it turned into a long walk back, now i'm at home, a step back so that i can leap forward. no, not equality or sanity. just stress and tons of it. i can't take you seriously; you, me, them, us. whatever right? no not whatever. stupid catch phrases. my vision's not quite as blurry, i've started seeing things i wish i could have kept on misconstruing. so much for de-tox, if only you knew. bad habits don't go away, they evolve or de-evolve and pretend to disappear, they just change forms. excess takes on many forms. i've been lost for far too long, not that i've really found myself, but somewhere maybe. gotta keep adding positives, removing negatives. but what if you can't tell them apart, or could convince yourself otherwise? no one questions me, but questions are good. where is my conscious? the mirror has never worked, it's really unused. no sanity. no interest. just an empty can of mandarins? a 3 hour long power-nap before i do it all again. no dreams, nothing to give up on. just pushing things forward, carefully. not used to it, what, it. green eyes flashing red? hazel maybe, but why not blue... too much to be done, no motivation. keep on, ya dig? ya gotta, it doesn't stop here, i don't stop here, cause i gotta move on, hrm... what a long road... bring it on.
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