Alexander (killaaxle) wrote,

expect me to ramble..

...because i don't know where to begin. so i moved out again, technically. i reside and both addresses. i'm going to go back to school in january, as soon as i get all my school shit straightened out. i'm letting my hair grow out again, it looks like shit right now, but hey it always looked like shit anyway, right? i miss a lot of you people reading this, why are you reading this anyway? huh?! I've not updated in oh so long, i kinda shrunk down into my own little world of working, sleeping, and dealing with people's problems. but the problems, they never go away, because it's the people who bring them on themselves in most cases. that's not fair, you do what you're programmed to do. if you're used to making friends easily, you'll always make friends easily. if you're used to getting fucked over, hey guess what... exactly. it's all about your character, and i've been doing a lot of thinking about mine. one thing hasn't changed. i bow down to honesty. giving and receiving, but i'm human, and i contain all the same faults as everyone else. i try not to lie, but when i do i don't get mad at myself for lying, but try to figure out why i lied. you lie because you're ashamed, right? you did something that you should not have, and you KNOW you shouldn't have, so you saved some face. i am as honest as i can be, and that's all i can hope for i guess. do we ever get to leave drama behind? i mean seriously, why do other people have a say in... anything? they don't unless you let them, it's all a system of controls. someone wants you living in their world, where they have power over you. but the secret is, you control yourself! if someone wants to think something about me, let them, but if they wanna actually know me, then i'm right here.
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