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i owe this to my first week of classes, maybe owe is the wrong term...

cross country, cross town
we belong, yet we're foreign
beliefs and values
contrasts and discrepancies
more on that later.

Smoke? there?!
out of the past
the present looks bleak
sensational, breathtaking, wrong
have fun!

maybe under water?
Where's the fire?

apparently appearances approach assertations

words on the soul
drugs on the body
both are compulsive

love the landscape
you go to Bison!

it was sixty2 weeks ago...
on the dead end road by my house.

exploding with people
on the dot
i never pay attention
they would just yak-yak

you can, it's policy
I got it, I read it

seriously, you coulda looked up
it looks kinda like...
it seems like a bird

"oooh official calendar"
No aerobics tonight.
"We'll deal with you in a second!"

let go of trying to find meaning
meaning isn't transparent

from soup to nuts,
Mr Magoo.

what's your audience?
DOWN IN FRONT! what, is this a movie?

He's a rockstar!

Train Wreck
all it takes is one hit
then you're all done son!
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