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what's a title worth anyway?

what's up with the world, topsy turvy if you ask me. there's so much love to go around, i mean seriously, sharing is caring, but definitely watch your back. if you're not covering yourself then who the hell is? friends are weird, who are we supposed to lie to? no one, everyone. he's not here, but he's around. Late the Great, it's all about what? slacker my ass, running around... appeasing everyone, getting everything done... so what's the point? easy, my standard. i hold myself to it, and expect the same from you, and you, and you, etc... but i'll consider what you're ready to give. doors slam, phones ring. deception uncovered... i did suspect, oops... shouldn't the door be closed? at least you were clothed. secrets, would you laugh if i told you my latest? shit... it's kinda hard for me not to.

this journal scares me, but you'd have to read in between the lines... 3 reasons for everything, the threat is more then the dog. well my dogs are mean. djs need their hands like runners need their toes, hell just reverse it and maybe they'll understand. "no favors, no fries" don't make me say it twice... oh well, i've been fucking up. 6 days a week i slave, yet sometimes i only get about 2 bills a week. shoot me please, or buy me a car... :)

non-stop ringing, she's obviously asleep. more like me then she knows, but intel she lacks. maybe we'll talk and straighten things out. i should be home, setting up the tables, dusting off the records. molecule, one bad ass gangster bitch... every hold an AK? me neither, well not for long. what are we looking for? a party, a gathering, a gala event. ask and ye shall receive.

anyone have a demo? i'd love to pass it along. fuck paying retail, where's the barter system. let's make things as they should be. well along with anything you may be doing, don't stop running, don't slow down, don't crawl. so much to say yet nothing expressed. i can't just sit here, but my hand is forced. multi-faceted, means i'm all fucked up... or so i'm told

thanks for plugging along, i've been working on myself a lot. i wander, well more like i'm meandering. staying on course though, as much as i can. my consciouses are never too far behind, unless they get tripped up. i don't like seeing others fuck up, i hate when i do. especially when it's something i didn't even imagine to consider.

but enough, soon i'll have a bunch of my pictures up, that'll be lots of fun. my good shots seem to be when i get people involved in activities or even just listening. you'll see, i hope you like them.

slowly but surely my hair is growing back, i've done so many horrible things to it that i'm definitely surprised it's coming in nicely. now my facial hair... sparse and blond, but at least i'm not constantly getting ID'd.

oh boy i love my job *insert a tremendous amount of sarcasm here* i need to only be working 4 days a week, i'd love to swing a couple of 14 hour shifts. as always, for those of you who remember me, i still hardly sleep. i've been eating better for what it's worth, well forcing myself to anyway. stephanie makes me stretch a lot more then i used to.

seriously though, why can't we take control of our own psychology. as much as i try to do things or not to do them i constantly am hitting opposites. but i am under the belief that we can control every part of ourselves, the discipline required is just GI(ant)-(e)normous.

well that was quite something but i'm not gonna burn myself out, monday is my day off, call me mother fuckers... :)
716-903-6685 and i do have a minute plan, so don't feel bad if i wanna call you back after 9 est.
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